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“Connecting Deals to Dollars”

Our team of international traders, investment professionals, publicly traded companies, business brokers, real estate brokers and attorneys have decades of experience related to closing transactions of all types.

In speaking with associated professionals, the sentiment was always the same – “How do I get beyond my personal network and the restrictions inherent in a word of mouth marketing environment?”

The purpose of Accredited Offering is to end word of mouth. To end the historical dependency on regional investment for a local opportunity. To extend the reach of concepts beyond an individual sphere of influence. To finally connect deals to dollars globally.

AccreditedOffering.com was founded with the vision to connect Global Investors to unique investment opportunities that are not marketed or available to the general public. The objective was to create an accessible list of every type of investment for providers of capital. For years, the principals of Accredited Offering envisioned an online platform that would consolidate the fragmented markets of all investment opportunities to one exclusive virtual environment for every Global Investor.

Our resources allow entrepreneurs to seek capital, partnerships, suppliers, and buyers through our extensive list of thousands of Global Investors. Each investor will have exclusive access to connecting with: each other, investment opportunities, funding sources, and much more under one virtual roof.

Accredited Offering’s extensive list of resources ensures that every deal is executed through a secured exchange environment.

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