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Aly Daly is a Los angeles based designer whose work has been featured in Harpers Bazaar, Elle Decor, Vogue, C Magazine, LA Confidential, Architectural Digest , Metropolitan Magazine and Art & Living. She was featured in Design Bureau Magazine’s issue featuring The Best Interior Design Around The World.

Ms. Dalys design career began over 20 years ago designing environments for Perry Ellis, Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein, Max Azria, and more. Her passion for the environment, sustainability and human rights combined with her experience designing interiors and decor for celebrities and other high net worth individuals, has created in her, a passion too change the narrative and make a difference in her work. Her niche has become creating a high end ,luxurious look and feel within minimal budgets in a socially conscious way. Coining the term Sentient Luxury

Overall Mission

To create an affordable, timeless, modern but classic, socially conscious, sustainable and sophisticated lifestyle brand for the Gen X woman.

Create a direct to consumer portal with an e-commerce website.

Develop a strong licensing component to build the brand and product assortment offering Create a multi media PR and marketing campaign to promote and build the brand focusing on Moving away from disposable trends by placing more value on quality, the environment and longevity.

To create a flagship location in Los Angeles to serve as the visual base to communicate a collective of the design philosophy across product categories, corporate offices, retail and design space.

Design Philosophy

We are the voice of the Gen-X woman. the one stop retailer for her whole lifestyle.

Classic European style, empowered femininity with a masculine foundation.

Simplicity in design, inspired by details from decades past.

A strong focus on soft color pallets luxe but sustainable materials.

A return to the lost art of hosting and entertaining with artisanal decor items and soft color palettes and luxurious items to appeal to all the senses.

We represent high quality products, materials and designs with a hand crafted luxury feel at incredible and accessible prices.

Brand Strategy

The Brand strategy of Aly Daly is to create a full lifestyle brand for the young professional woman to create trust, ease and loyalty through transparency and consistently delivering beautiful forward thinking and sustainable products.

The brand in its entirety will encompass the lifestyle of our woman. Luxurious home decor items, accessories and clothing capsules with sophisticated styling and clean simple lines. We will create a go to destination for elegant staple pieces, luxe pieces for her home, wardrobe and gifting, She can rest assured her purchase contributes to saving the planet and helps impoverished communities and women worldwide.

Product Strategy

  • 80% of our product assortment will be under $150. retail price point ·
  • The design aesthetic of the brand carries through all categories. Beautiful and sophisticated items will draw on a masculine, minimalistic foundation with feminine elements and an occasional nod in detail to the 1920s and 30s. ·
  • Always socially and environmentally conscious, we strive to use technologically advanced, luxurious but sustainable materials and fabrics whenever possible and promote that message. ·
  • We aim to support craftsmen and artisans in impoverished areas to make a significant difference in their lives while maintaining very high standard of material use and fabrication of all goods. ·
  • Our goal is to eliminate the trend of disposable products and promote heirloom pieces, quality and longevity. ·
  • We will produce beautiful products that stand the test of time rather than chasing trends that fade. ·
  • Classic pieces that will repeat each season. Only trends in color will change which follow a much longer curve and duration. ·
  • Assortment to include either licensed products or produced in house:

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