Joint Venture

anthem Gold


AGLD Highlights, Launched April 23rd, 2019:

  • 1st insured fully gold-backed stablecoin based in the US
  • Open to citizens of 174 countries
  • 1st insured fully gold-backed stablecoin available to US citizens & residents
  • 1st vaulted gold on video at collocation bunker (20kg in the vault, on video on homepage) 
  • Neither Ft Knox, NY Fed, HSBC GLD ETF, GoldMoney, BullionVault, or Digix do video
  • Carry Lloyd’s insurance, which is unobtainable for a digital metal currency company from US Brinks, US Loomis, US G4S
  • Benefits of zero FACTA reporting needed
  • xperience of winning digital centralized metal currency executive team at GoldMoney
  • CMO/Marketing team behind Polymath $50M raise, Trace Leparulo & Untraceable
  • Incorruptible inventory log using cost conscious Hercules protocol (click [HERC ASSET LIST] button on to view the incorruptible audit log)
  • 3-7% gross profit estimate
  • 0.40% storage cost per year extracted from metal (same as gold GLD ETF fee structure)

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