Start Up

Who We Are

We are a team of innovators, scientists, creatives and designers. Here in our lab, bold ideas and boundless creativity fuel game-changing scientific breakthroughs. Our passion is blending unconventional ideas with cutting edge science to lend new form and function to everyday products-changing the way the world sees them, thinks about them, and uses them. The result is technologies and products that deliver extraordinary, proven results across a wide range of applications. We are the new face of science, driven by unrelenting ingenuity and committed to concrete results.

What We Do

Biomod develops technologies and products that give revolutionary purpose and function to everyday items in the health and beauty industries. Our Dry Masks are topically applied textiles that supply the skin with active, water-free balm formulations. These extraordinary products are empowered by Biomod’s patented, lipidic, microparticle delivery system, resulting in unmatched performance and marked improvements to the skin.

How We Do It

From out of the box concept to final product, Biomod manages every step of the creation and development process in-house. Our vertically integrated operation houses our scientists, laboratory, design studio, quality control and regulatory teams, all under one roof. Our clients benefit from a streamlined, ultra efficient development process that guarantees cost effectiveness, speed, verified efficacy, and superior quality.

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