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A unique hybrid of combining a number of proven elements of the (SIPS) & (ICF) systems to achieve a commercially desirable product that lends itself to the green building industry. The GRBS has a number of proprietary ingredients that make it a one of a kind building product. The interior core of the GRBS is an extremely dense Expandable Polystyrene Foam (EPS). This EPS core is coated with a proprietary blend of cement-like materials that give it an extremely durable and structurally superior shell. These cement based products are easily applied manually or by spray applicator. The chemical bonding of the exterior cement based shell with the super insulated core produces a structural panel with extreme thermal qualities. These panels can be computer designed and cut for the specific application desired. Assembly of the panels is a simple process of applying a bonding adhesive to the edges of the panels and applying constant pressure at the joints until the adhesive dries. The desired structure can be assembled at the building site or at factory locations in modular form to be shipped and lifted into position with minimal effort. The proprietary coatings can also be applied in the field or at a factory location.

Structural elements such as wood, concrete or steel columns concrete or steel beam locations are determined by the Architecture & Structural Engineering staff. These elements are incorporated into the panels by computer guided hot wire cutting machines. The panels are numbered and packaged for shipment or assembled into modular units for delivery. The lite weight nature of the EPS and the thin coating of proprietary structural material make handling the building materials a simple task. Large numbers of panels can be trucked with light commercial vehicles with substantial fuel savings.

These foam homes / buildings can be built anywhere and are cost effective. Foam homes are easy to construct and maintain as well as energy efficient.

Investment opportunity with the Green Rhino Building Systems:

We at Green Rhino Building Systems, LLC are interested in growing our company to fill the need for more sustainable housing worldwide, from the Tiny House up to the Multi-Story residential building.

Our goal of expanding into commercial building projects is as close as the right strategic partner. If interested in talking to a representative of Green Rhino Building Systems, LLC, please feel free to call or e-mail us

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