We at Tone Def Inc. have found that mobile device accessories lack adequate design and functionality. Although the need and demand for these accessories is growing at a very visible and measured rate, the innovation is not.

Our working goal is to adapt to how users interact with their devices with unique, innovative solutions.

We are focused on our mission to develop our
product, the HandStand.


HandStand is inspired by the four-finger ring — one of the ultimate aspirational symbols of status, wealth, and effortless cool in the golden age of hip-hop.

Our bold product and daring design is unrivaled within the mobile device accessory market. Sleek, multi-functional, aesthetically outstanding, and philanthropically-minded toward the communities and cultures that inspired its creation.

The HandStand provides an experience that will forever alter the way you interact with your phone. Look good and feel good!


We envision customers and users of HandStand to be people looking for a functional grip and stand to assist in viewing their devices. With limitless customization!

As a starting vision, HandStand is designed to replicate a 4-finger ring. These users are:

  • On-trend with current hip-hop style
  • Fashionably conscious and chic
  • Nostalgic
  • Aware of status symbols

As a lasting vision, HandStand is designed to accommodate the preferences of its user with unlimited options such as:

  • Names & initials
  • Slogans & acronym
  • Sporting team names & logo
  • Sparkle & bling
  • Clear space or a neon sign
  •  Jewelry-like inspiration

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