HiDEF is a strategic marketing agency positioned at the intersection of gaming, technology, and culture that is focused on guiding non-gaming brands authentically into the gaming space. We use a proprietary data science learning engine to discover, understand & contextualize the impact their messages & activities are having on the broader social landscape, and then use that data to help refine & position future efforts.


  • HiDEF is a marketing services agency and proprietary data science platform built on machine learning and industrial AI positioned at the intersection of gaming, technology, and culture.
  • Our data science platform delivers a comprehensive toolset that allows us to discover, monitor and value influencer & content activations and provides groundbreaking clarity around the context and quality of influencer & content engagement.
  • We offer a full-suite of marketing services to deliver premium, end-to-end audience & community driven brand integrations across live & digital landscapes, and our SaaS-based business model is both high margin and massively scalable.
  • Our team is expert in live and digital experiential marketing & activations, social & digital marketing, community engagement, technology development & product marketing, and global partnerships. Our product team has delivered industry leading products that have won awards for technical excellence across media & entertainment, including Oscars, Emmys, Grammy’s and more.
  • The marketing services market is a $487B space, and games & Esports are the fastest growing segments.

Investment Opportunity

Seeking to raise a convertible note of $2.5M. Details as follows:

  • 3-year term @ 10% APR;
  • Bonus 10% transaction fee upon conversion;
  • 20% discount on Series A

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