Lincoln Perry The Movie



Your Chance to Own Part of a Hollywood Movie: Lincoln Perry The Movie Inc.​

Invest in Lincoln Perry The Movie, from Robert Duvall’s long-time producer, and help tell the fascinating story behind Stepin Fetchit – Hollywood’s first black millionaire, and see your name in the film’s credits!

Brought to you by motion picture industry veterans with full transparency and no “Hollywood accounting,” this film will tell the story of Lincoln Perry who starred in 54 Hollywood films as “the laziest man in the world” Stepin Fetchit. Perry created this famous mumbling, befuddled and shiftless character on screen that exaggerated stereotypes. In reality, Perry was a trailblazer for African American rights who fought Hollywood studios for equal pay and was a prolific writer for a Chicago newspaper where he promoted other black entertainers trying to make it in the oppressive white-controlled entertainment business of the 1930’s.

Accredited investors may invest now in what the producers believe will be one of Hollywood’s most talked-about films when it is released. After this private round closes, the film will be open to the general public to invest in what the producers believe will be the first Hollywood film to hold a Regulation A+ Mini-IPO, where accredited investors in this private round may have liquidity through that process, even before the film is completed.

Investors in this private round will not only be listed in the credits of the finished film, but also will receive other perks including an invitation to appear on set during filming, the ability to appear on screen in the movie as an extra, and a copy of the official movie poster autographed by the writers, director and the primary cast, and personalized for the investor.1

This is your chance to help tell a story that the producers believe will captivate audiences and to own part of a Hollywood motion picture brought to you by a seasoned team who plan to change the way Hollywood finance and accounting have worked in the past.

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