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M Bar Fund 1, LLC


M Bar Fund 1, LLC (the “Company” or the “Fund”) seeks to provide investors with substantial current income, capital appreciation and attractive risk-adjusted returns. The Fund is managed by M Lounge, LLC (the “Fund Manager”) a Delaware company formed in June 2019 that specializes in the operation of Bars, event spaces, hospitality and food and beverages. M Lounge, LLC is managed by a highly experienced industry speci c operator coupled with senior nance and hospitality industry specific professionals with over 40 years combined experience. The Fund’s primary purpose is to deliver set (well above market) investor wealth returns of 15% per annum through the acquisition of expansion opportunities for the M Bar / M Lounge Rooftop concept.

The Fund Manager will focus on value-add commercial real estate investments that it believes can be acquired at attractive prices relative to competitive assets in each submarket and current replacement costs, and allow the Fund Manager to apply its proven expertise to add value and optimize these assets by employing one or more of a variety of strategies at the asset level, including: adding amenities, improving unit interiors and common areas, effecting operational improvements, and implementing alliances with strategic service providers.

The Fund Manager, with the collective depth of operational real estate expertise at the asset level, will aim to discern the intrinsic value of each property and to structure each prospective investment with the exibility to optimize potential upside gains and reduce the risk of losses. The Management team is managed by the Investment Committee, consisting of Tim Majors and Ryan Tampa. The Fund Manager has engaged the Investment Committee to serve as the investment manager of the Fund and to recommend investment opportunities to the enterprise in general. The Investment Committee is managed by a board of managers, which consists of Rusty Spivey and Shea Ward.

Target Assets

The Fund Manager aims to assemble a diversi ed portfolio of existing value-add commercial real estate investments and may opportunistically invest in a smaller number of development assets, with overall emphasis on assets the Fund Manager believes they have strong current or potential income and capital appreciation potential. The Fund will be based in real estate, with preferred returns related to the tenant, M Bar and M Lounge in various locations around the United States.

M Lounge

The M Lounge is an upscale, rooftop bar and lounge where the locals and out of town guests can come to relax and wind down after work and stay into the late evening hours. Our attention to detail will not go unnoticed. From entering through the glass elevators, to getting your last drink, the “experience matters” throughout your entire visit.

Enjoy your nights with our craft cocktails, signature drinks and bottle services, while listening to acoustic music in an intimate setting. Our panoramic views of downtown Orlando and Winter Park make the M Lounge an ideal setting for a memorable evening.

M Bar

You can enjoy both our rooftop bar and our downstairs bar, the M Bar for a one-of-a-kind experience. Rain or shine you can have an amazing night in a great atmosphere with an exceptional drink menu. Our bartenders are crafting, pouring and serving you favorites in an environment lled with classic cars, vintage arcade games, TVs and much more.

Automobile enthusiasts will love sipping cocktails and checking out American and European models from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, including the largest number of Kaiser Darrins in the country. Over 50 classic and rare vehicles are on display for viewing at the M Bar.

Investments may be acquired throughout the United States with an emphasis on assets in markets where the Fund Manager believes market conditions are favorable and there are distinct opportunities to add value. The team has unique access to deal ow in Florida, as well as most if not all completed projects in Florida, and the focus for the short term at the minimum will be in the State of Florida.

In addition, the M Bar and M Lounge will have global appeal with upcoming project(s) such as the 5-star resort mid-strip in Las Vegas. The M Bar is being considered for the signature rooftop bar. The resort is centered in the heart of Las Vegas, with iconic hotels as our neighbors such as The Venetian, Caesars Palace, The Mirage, and Treasure Island. This is the last available real estate in the center of town— no future development anywhere near this location will ever be available. The project will also be the tallest building on the Las Vegas strip by a dozen or more oors. If the M Bar is installed, there will be unprecedented 360-degree views of “The Strip” as well as the surrounding natural landscape. Since all the remaining parcels are completely built out, no obstructions will ever impair the views.

Asset Targeting

The Fund Manager seeks investments it believes possess certain characteristics, including assets with attractive valuations, as they will be acquired below current replacement cost; with excellent fundamentals, providing opportunities to “add value” and that typically feature at least two of the following: (1) deferred maintenance or physical obsolescence of common areas and amenities that are inconsistent with current tenant demands, (2) operational inef ciencies, (3) inappropriate capitalization structures, and/or (4) ineffective market positioning.

The Fund Manager will focus on well-located in submarkets offering strong population and job growth, where demand for affordable, high-quality commercial space exceeds supply; with prospects to achieve higher local occupancy rates and rents within those submarkets; offering the opportunity to invest between $1 million and $5 million of equity as a target, a size considered by the Fund Manager to be the middle market “sweet spot” where competition from both large, national nancial buyers and from more local ad- hoc buyers is reduced; that provide opportunities to have a positive social impact through alliances with strategic service providers.

The Fund Manager has discretion to consider any characteristics it believes are relevant and is not required to consider all of, nor limited to considering only, the characteristics summarized herein that often qualify for special Financing options through the SBA, Freddie Mac and/or Fannie Mae which are specically designed for affordable real estate initiatives, providing lower interest rates and better terms than standard Financing options in the conventional market; and that are projected to be cash ow positive, either immediately or soon after applying appropriate capital improvements or new Financing structures.

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