Medical Facility



Free Standing Emergency Room & Urgent Care Medical Center with a National Growth Model Generating 1st Year ROI’s to Investor of 25%+ and 2nd Year Returns In Excess of 40%

Next Steps:
• Roll out of 3 more locations in Texas starting June 1, 2015
• Followed by a staged rollout of 31 more facilities in TX, NV, CO & AZ
• Followed by additional rollouts nationwide

Cost To Build:
•Each facility costs aprox $6.5MM to build including land, operational & FF&E costs
•Omega has committed a combination of aprox $3.25MM in debt at 10.5% interest rate and $3.25MM in
equity for a 49% pref return.
•The cost to build and open the next 3 facilities is aprox $19.5MM

•Based on this facilities P&L’s for the first 6 months of operations in its Houston, Tx location, the
annual returns are as follows:
•In year 1, net income after the ER MD’s receive their equity distributions and Omega’s 49% equity
pref, the Omega income is aprox $1.9MM first year divided by the $6.5MM invested generates an
annual return of 29%.
•In year 2, their conservative expectation is an increase from the current 10 patient per day average to 15 patents per day average which will generate a 46% annual return for Omega.
•Investing in the next 3 units costs $19.5MM and the 1st year returns based on actual P&L’s from
facility 1 is a total return of $5.7MM (26%) and year 2 should produce income of $8.55MM
•Investing in the next 34 units would cost aprox $221MM and would generate $64.6MM annually in year 1 and $96.9MM annually in year 2 and beyond until exit.

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