• Saygus is an award winning smartphone company with buyer contacts at nearly every major mobile service provider in the world.
  • The smartphone market is a half a trillion dollar market with sales expected in 2019 to be 1.7 billion.
  • The smartphone market is wide open to new comers even without buyercontacts because of the security issues of Chinese smartphone makers.
  • A new award winning US smartphone maker would be highly valued and welcomed among US mobile network carriers due Chinese ODM security dilemma.
  • Saygus has achieved incredible precedence having designed and created the most advanced smartphone in history and winning nearly every smartphone award in the world.
  • Forbes Magazine called one of the Saygus smartphone features the years “Most Disruptive Technologies”.
  • Saygus has an office with smartphine engineers in Shenzhen, China that is directed by a former top Motorola Senior Engineer who helped desing Motorola’s top RAZR line.
  • Saygus has a strong team of handset experts that have sold over a billion mobile phones in their careers.
  • Saygus is planning to sell a minimum of 10 million smartphones in 2019 and expect to IPO in mid November if they reach this goal.
  • Saygus product and team are some of the industry’s best. Up to $4 million more can be accepted.
  • Saygus is poised for phenomenal success with as little as $1 million more in funding.
  • Saygus currently has an LOI with the Chinese Govt’s healthcare division CHID or Chinese Health Industry Development Company LTD. to develop and build the Saygus MD smartphone and wearable wrist device. These products will provide vital statistics minute by minute to healthcare professionals and help doctors pre-diagnose major health catastrophes such as heart attacks and strokes, among others, long before they occur.

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