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Statue of responsibility

Our Mission

Our Mission is to establish Responsibility as a supreme core value.

Our Vision is to positively and significantly alter society’s sense of responsibility to itself and its community by demonstrating that Liberty and Responsibility are inseparable ideals.

What is the Greatest Need Today?

Be responsible in our free choices!!

It is the Key to Surviving and Thriving in society

In a democratic society, people are free to choose but are not free from the consequences of their choices. A sense of responsibility toward the self, others, and a higher authority serves the important function of guiding people to make right choices. Therefore, the survival and well-being of individuals and society depend on the responsible use of freedom.

“My thesis is that freedom without responsibility leads to anarchy; responsibility without freedom leads to tyranny. Neither is desirable. The only acceptable condition is when freedom and responsibility co-exist as inseparable twins, with responsibility being the big brother. Without either one of the pair, the system is not sustainable.” Dr. P.T. Wong – Statue of Responsibility advisory board member



Owning your ability and power to create, choose and attract.

“Developing a robust personal practice of Responsibility is the single most important thing you can do to improve:

Your quality of life and personal satisfaction

Your results and impact in the world

Your relationships with others

Your ability to lead others effectively – regardless of your current role or position” Dr. C. Avery – Statue of Responsibility advisory board member

The executive team at the Statue of Responsibility developed three options for those who choose to get involved and financially benefit from the for-profit model of “The Monument of the Century”.

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